About Barbra


I'm a former dancer who's always had a good eye for design. My design career began as a young child sewing clothes for my Barbie with the leftover fabric from the beautiful dresses that my mother made. In my spare time, I decorated and redecorated Barbie's Dream House. These days, I'm a certified kitchen designer well-versed in all aspects of design from space planning to finish selection.

My philosophy

I always tell prospective clients that they must decide what is the driving force behind their project. The big three are: Cost, Design, and Schedule. One of those has to lead and the sooner you make a decision which one matters most, your project will run incredibly smooth. If you try to equally apply importance to two, and worst off three, your project might drive you crazy. 

Dreams into reality

Like most design, rules are fluid and there is room for deviation. My goal is to help clients discover and implement their most important needs and let go of the things that aren't vital.

TV kitchen blog

I'm constantly distracted by the kitchen in the background, whenever I'm watching a TV show. What style is it, is it realistic and how well does it function? The kitchen adds another dimension to the show. It clues the viewer to character's taste and their financial resources. It seems like the less money you make, the more cluttered your kitchen ala the Simpsons. Follow my obsession on tumblr.

Houzz Stories

I'm a featured writer for Houzz. Read the latest stories I've written on different aspects of design. 

Services offered

  • Dimensional floor plans and 3D perspective drawings for visualization
  • Space Planning
  • Lighting Design Services
  • Material Selections for cabinetry, tile, paint, countertop, lighting, plumbing, hardware, flooring & furniture
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Project Management